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OK, who’s really smart out there?  Here’s some sneaky questions on geography:

(to see the answers, drag your mouse after the word ‘answer’ to highlight the text displayed in ‘white’ as the reverse colors making them visible)

In what country is the city of Ceuta?  (and why is this a trick question?)

Answer: Ceuta is a city that is part of Spain.  However, it is located on the north coast of Morocco across the straights.

Referring to US States, which state(s) respectively is the furthest east, furthest west, furthest north and furthest south ‘on the globe’?

Answer: Hawaii is the furthest south.  Alaska is officially the furthest west and north.  But depending on whether or not you use the international date line or the meridian line to demark west from east ‘on the globe’ the furthest east can either be Maine or could again be considered Alaska due to the fact the Aleution Islands extend past the East-West demarkation line.

What animal were the Canary Islands named after?  What was the Canary bird named after?

Answer: The islands’ name is derived from the Latin name canariae insulae (“islands of dogs”) – the birds were then named after the Island. 

What country is Vatican City in?

Answer: Vatican City is both city and country.  The country of ‘Vatican City’ is technically (geographically) located in Italy.

There is only one place where four states come together at the same point.  It is called ‘four corners’ – can you name the states?

Answer: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona

Since I live near Detroit, drive downtown to city airport and jump into a plane and tell the pilot to fly due south and keep going, what is the first foreign country you’ll fly over?

Answer:  Canada – Parts of Detroit actually extend north of parts of SW Ontario.  If you keep flying south the next country is Columbia. 

The city of Leningrad in the former Soviet Union was changed to St. Petersburg for Peter the great after the fall of Soviet Russia.  Before Lenin came to power renaming the city for himself it was called Petrograd during the communist revolution.  What was it’s name before that?

Answer: St. Petersburg – which it’s name was changed back to after the fall of communism in Russia

Which city is further west? Reno, NV or Los Angeles, CA?

Answer: Reno, NV

If you go on an extreme hunting adventure, and your pilot picks a reference point he knows before starting, flies 100 miles due south then goes due east a good 40 or 50 miles until you see a bear – you land, shoot the bear and fly 100 miles straight north to end up back at the reference point before turning for home, what color is the bear?

Answer:  White because the only reference point that would work for the scenario described is the north pole

Finally a goofy one, what state is round on both ends and hi in the middle?

Answer: OHIO

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