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As per my usual, I was spinning a friend’s thread here on facebook off into all sorts of ridiculous tangents with – to quote George Carlin – my various ‘brain droppings’.   Some of the comments were in regards to Walmart and I commented on the common stereotype that their products were cheap Chinese junk.  This reminded me of a true story that happened once when I was but a wee sprite…

KMart was our Walmart

When I was a kid, I was hanging out with my brother and some of the neighborhood kids. Back then, ‘KMart’ was our Walmart. The topic of KMart came up and everyone was trying to ‘one-up’ one another on dissing cheap KMart products.

Suddenly one of them got real serious and interjected:

“Ya know, for all the times we rip on KMart, just stop to imagine how many things we’ve all bought from there.”

Everyone got real silent and remorseful for all the digs they were previously saying. After a few seconds I responded with:

“But just think of how many things you bought from KMart – – – that broke!”

All was well with our universe again.

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