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Each generation borrows from the experiences handed down from those before them. But as is the nature of the passing of generations, those that follow have more behind them to call upon. So is any ‘one’ generation more right than those before it? No, but the one’s that come after have more cause to be confident.

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Originally posted to Facebook Notes

To explain my perspective on various types of behavior I often use these definitions to define said behavior. It is important to understand the reason(s) people do the things they do, especially when framing how to respond to those behaviors or when speaking of ‘love’ and ‘hate’. (in my opinion ‘hate’ is just as legitimate and emotion as ‘love’ so long as ‘hate’ is confined to those people or actions that threaten to destroy the things or people you love) For the purposes of this discussion, I focus specifically on misguided actions or behaviors and their causes.

Ignorance: not knowing something
Ignorance by itself can be excusable. I, myself, am ignorant on a great many things. Simply not knowing something, or not knowing all there is to know about something is not an inherent ‘wrong’. We are all ignorant about a great many things.
More often than not, the relevance of ‘ignorance’ comes down to a ‘need to know’. For example, I don’t ‘need to know’ how to fix the carburetor on a car engine – as a result I am ignorant on how to fix a carburetor. I have no doubt I could learn how to fix a carburetor, but I don’t need to.

Stupidity: the inability to learn or know about something
Stupidity again is excusable. It is a lack of ability to know something. I fully admit I am stupid when it comes to interior decorating. I don’t get it, I never will get it. I have no desire to ‘be’ an interior decorator, and if I ever really desire for top-notch ‘interior design’ I can always hire someone to do it for me.

Idiocy*: being ‘ignorant’ about something but acting in spite of that ignorance. Or making a conscious choice to remain ignorant when you really should not do so.
*This one is a bit tougher, because I could not find a precise word to assign to it based on ‘denotative’ meaning. So instead I chose the term ‘idiocy’ for it’s connotative interpretation. A more accurate word would be ‘ignoramus’, but the connotative perception of ‘idiot’ works.
With that said, I describe ‘idiocy’ as someone that can or should know better, but acts in spite of their ignorance. To use the prior examples, if I really needed the use of my truck but decided to attempt to fix my carburetor myself, I would be an idiot. Similarly, if I took a job fixing carburetors but still chose not to learn how, I would also be an idiot. Or if I were to claim to know something about interior decorating, when I do not and cannot understand it, I would again be an idiot.

Incidiot*:  (Ihn-sih-dee-oht) Someone who does know better, but either feigns ignorance or tries to justify it when ignoring the facts about their course of action.
*this is a term I coined by merging the term ‘incite’ with my concept of ‘idiocy’
This term refers to someone who would seem to be behaving like the ‘idiot’ described above. Someone that acts inspite of not knowing something. However, they either do know or are in a position that it is highly likely they should know about the subject in question. i.e. a trained mechanic who intentionally fouls up a carburetor in the process of fixing it could fit this definition.
My concept of the ‘incidiot’ is therefore important to note, because someone that is feigning ignorance about a subject, and takes an action that is inherently immoral or wrong, is therefore intentionally behaving in a fashion that could be described as ‘evil’.

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A few years ago I came up with an analogy to signify what it is I seek in people with whom I have relationships (all types of relationships mind you). At that time, I came up with an analogy to help explain it. I have referred to that analogy ever since as the ‘other side of the card’. The analogy basically goes like this:

“If you hold up a playing card between two people sitting on opposite sides of the table, then ask each of them to describe what they see on the card, each will describe something completely different but neither of them is incorrect.”

The concept being, that everyone has different perspectives. Sometimes the matter of where you ‘are’ in life will make a difference on how you see things. The person sitting on one side of the table will, for example, see something like the jack of hearts – the person on the other sees a white-on-blue pattern of someone riding a tricycle in front of a lot of elaborate circles and lines.

In any situation in life, there are going to be people seeing the same thing from different vantage points. At the same time, there will be some people that won’t even be looking at the card, but will instead be checking under the seats for gum or examining the interior decorating of the room. My interest was to find someone who would be looking at many of the same things as me (e.g. the card) but seeing it perhaps in a different way than I had because they would come at it from a different vantage point.

It is a very interesting way to go forward and it has brought me some interesting friends and relationships. But even when I coined the analogy, I still felt there was something missing. I eventually added the thought of someone ‘looking around the room’ as one thing I would not be interested in – I was definately seeking to be around people who were looking at the same things (e.g. the card) and not focused on other things around the room (at least as far as the analogy was concerned and as related to those things I find important in any particular situation).

There was one other thing that I missed, however. I have sought to enter relationships (of all types) that allow me to get the perspective of that ‘other side of the card’. I seek to find people who can help me see the same things I am interested in looking at from a different perspective. But there was another big problem hiding somewhere that I wasn’t able to put my finger upon.

The problem comes in when the people with whom you are interacting fail to recognize that the side of the card you are seeing may in fact be different than theirs. Yes, I am trying to go forth understanding that what they see (based on where they ‘sit’ in life) is different from what I see. But when you find someone who fails to recognize that what YOU see (based on where ‘you’ sit in life) is going to perhaps be different from what they see, then troubles are bound to occur.

So what do you do then? Don’t ask me, that’s the part I am going to have to figure out next. *sigh*

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Can anyone explain something to me? What’s going on in my head the past few days is more than just pangs from a change (end) of a relationship. I find myself asking all too many questions that seem to boil down to the same two struggling principles. I run through my head any number of scenarios that all boil down to the same thing. Let me see if I can describe it and then see what kind of answers may come back.
I’ll try to keep it as concise as possible, but I’m sure this is a subject I could write an entire volume upon. I find my mind tossling between almost pure reason and pure emotion lately – almost a fatalistic tug-of-war over the last few days especially. I look around me at the rest of the world and see the same thing – different forces pushing each; whether it be science versus religion, male ego vs. female heart, right brain vs. left.
I see movies talk about the virtues of each outlook – one glorifying the dreamer, the other glorifying the beautiful mind. People write songs about Van Gogh who took his own live “as dreamers often do” but then hold up the great works of Da Vinci who managed to laugh in the face of foolishly vain men of God.
My entire life I have had this war ongoing within myself. At different times there has been one side or another that has dominated for certain periods of time. Go too far into emotion and you are can be seen as weak and a target for evil folk. Go too far into reason and you are simply cold and calculating like the Vulcans of Roddenberry’s stories.
Don’t get me wrong – I know that the real world is some mix somewhere in the middle. Perhaps I should go find a text on buddhism and learn about the whole yin-yang concept. But where in the world do you find a balance? How in the hell do you find your own point of equilibrium in the middle of that scale? My dreamer’s mind trying to tell me that love can overcome anything, my reasonable mind saying that love is just another emotion and that reality sometimes deems otherwise. My romantic self thinking anything is possible if you simply want it bad enough to be, my calculating self saying essentially the same thing but knowing that it’s not a matter of wishing but of perserverance and hard work?

You know the old saying – it takes 2 to tango. How can you risk truly giving your heart to someone when there’s the real chance that it’s going to be sent back un-opened? Or worse, roughly used and stomped on. And if you tread lightly, going with caution, taking great care giving of self with the heart as one of the last things given over completely is there not a real chance that they may give up or go away if that’s the part they really desired first?

And where in the hell do you find someone who will put up with your stupid ass while you find that happy medium?

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