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Expression without purpose begets nothing but nonsense. Expression with purpose no matter how divergent is the essence of creativity. And when such expression achieves it’s intended purpose, it becomes art!”TheWild Webster

(a gleaming example of a ‘good’ kind of ‘weird’)

Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic

The world needs more ‘weird’ people! I was pondering various political concepts, especially as related to the results of elections — and consequentially, considering the nature of people in society in general.

We’ve all heard the cliche; “some people watch, some people lead and some people follow.”  But it seems many of the problems in our society come from far too many people falling into the first or last group, either following someone else’s lead or sitting by complacently as events unfold around them.  Not enough people lead.

I should perhaps clarify what I mean by ‘lead’.  I do not consider ‘leadership’ in the manner of someone that intentionally tries to influence the behavior of others. I would not consider those types of people as being leaders.  I would consider people who intentionally try to ‘indoctrinate others’ as manipulators.  They are people who, based on their own agendas or desires,  try to take advantage of a partial-irrationality of the followers and whatever members of the complacent they can either  influence to follow as well or assuage to ‘get out of the way’.

No, by leaders in this context I mean people who think for themselves.  People who exercise independence and seek their own answers for the questions; “what is good?  what is right?  what is best?”

I should also clarify that I have another differentiation here that is very important to segregate.  This revolves around my concept of what is ‘weird’.  As someone that fit into that middle category and the above described definition of ‘leader’ my whole life — someone that sought my own answers for what was right, good and best — I often was labelled as weird by people who were prone to follow popular trends as well as by those who sat back to watch (and judge).

Most people’s concept of weird equates to something else — but they will still readily ascribe the same mental concept to people doing things that fall outside of whatever they have been convinced constitutes ‘normal’.  What they mean by ‘weird’ is akin to ‘mentally ill’.  They do not stop to differentiate if the ‘abnormal‘ is “good, right or best”.  They simply lump anything out of the norm as ‘weird’, slapping the irrational in with the rational.

Well, I define the consciously (or even partially volitional) irrationally-different as a form of idiocy or stupidity.  (only if  such behavior is entirely involuntary, would it equate to insanity and mental illness) And I am not talking about people that are insane.  It’s important to note that I categorize (with good reason) many people who ‘follow’ and/or complacently sit back and watch in the same group those that I deem the ‘idiots’.

It is not the irrational weirdness of which I speak.  To me irrational weirdness includes following consensus for the sake of expediency.  Irrational weirdness could be defined to include sitting back and allowing others to continually dis-effect your own condition and existence.

Nah, I’m talking about weird guys like Copernicus who dared to suggest that the earth was not the center of the universe in a world full of people who were certain that it was.  I speak of guys like Columbus who dared to sail across the ocean determined to reach India despite the common belief he would reach the edge of the world and fall off.  This refers to people like Einstein who saw the universe as having consistent rules — rules that do not favor man’s place within them or confine the earth as the best place to observe them in the most optimal fashion.

Thus I differentiate ‘weird’ as those who won’t accept consensus as a means to knowledge, science — and yes — even morals and personal choices.  The weird people I admire do not rely on others as a primary source for their own knowledge and the decisions they make as a result of it.  They are people who depend on their own senses, their own experiences, their own interpretations and ultimately their own mind as the means to truly ‘knowing’ and truly ‘knowing they know it’.

If people like that existed in society in large(r) numbers, most of the bullshit we have to tolerate everyday would be non-existent or at least virtually irrelevant.  The people who follow are a blend of half-rational/half-irrational, half-sane/half-insane.  Those who seek to lead them on purpose can easily be defined as evil.  The remaining who are in fact insane will not consistently achieve a specific outcome or follow a singular course and will ultimately cancel each other out.

Give me a world where the ‘normal’ strives to include the innovator, the independent, the outspoken, the rebel, the lone wolf, the resister, the non-conformist, the inventor, the creator, the purposeful artist, the unconventional sage.  Surround me with people that don’t fit any norm.  I like to hang around (rationally) weird people.  In fact, I wish other weird people (like me) were the norm.  The world needs more weird people!

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Dear world leaders,

You may be a politician, a businessman, an aristocrat, a president, governor, chancellor, CEO, King or Queen or any other person with such influence.  You may head a country, a state, a business, or an empire.  This letter is addressed to you who have the ability to sway a large group of people or have authority over a reasonable amount of territory.

This letter comes by way of a suggestion.  If you would like to see innumerable achievements and successes, if you would like to see your influence expand.  If you would like those people who look to you for leadership or follow your example prosper.  If you would like to increase the self worth of your holdings and the magnificence of the people you oversee.

There is a notion that was born among men, formed by men and instituted by men.  It is a notion that is disappearing rapidly from the one place on earth where it was tried in it’s purest form by men and for men.  When it was still untainted it proved itself as the means to expand those people under it’s domain in ways never before seen to achieve tasks and wonders never before witnessed in the history of man.  Those that followed it prospered and advanced faster than at any time in antiquity.

This notion consists of the principles of freedom, self-rule and of individual accountability and responsibility.

These concepts were once the means to greatness on the north American continent in the United States.  But these principles are rapidly deteriorating here and the prosperity they once brought with them is fading along with them.  When the promise of these notions was still strong, people flocked to the shores of this new land and built a nation to out shine any nation to ever come before it.  In many cases, they gave up all they had to come to a virgin land virtually unbroken by the hands and workmanship of man and built upon it’s soil a burgeoning society.  That society too is losing it’s luster with the loss of it’s freedoms and core principles.

The example has been shown through the history of the United States that ‘if you build it, they will come.”  My suggestion to you leaders is to begin with the original principles that spawned this great nation.  Remove from them the dated notions such as the 3/5ths compromise, institute a fair tax, and include the Bill of Rights but with a preamble that specifies those rights extend from the natural rights – not endowed by a creator but self-evident through reason and arrived at through logical deduction from the very nature of life – that all men are created equal and have the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I would strongly suggest to include the right to propriety over the products of  one’s life – to property, to one’s identity, a to a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Allow each man to pursue his own dreams and neither limit nor provide him largess toward that end.  Hold each man accountable for his own needs and desires and allow none to exercise force to prevent him from fulfilling them as long as he uses no force against others in their fulfillment.

Limit the power of the government to the protection of each and all in the collective against external threats and to the mitigation of disputes that arise among them.  And specify clearly that those limits are not to be usurped for any reason or as a result of any popular caprice.

Limit the power even of taxation to fees for the (limited) services of government and otherwise exercise a voluntary taxation policy among men.  If you provide sound government to enable the free will of reasonable men, they will support it willingly.

Allow no notions of state-sponsored compassion to seep into your governance.  Whether they come from subjective philosophers or intrinsic prophets, maintain a strict and unwavering abolition of any participation of such ideas in the rule of men.  Allow the men to follow whatever axioms they desire, but limit the rule of law to strictly objective principles and concepts.

Do this and they will come.  Do this and those that come will build your society, your business, your nation, your state or your empire for you.  You will not need to motivate them, leave them to find their own motives.   You will not need to supply them, let them find their own means of supply.   You will not need to teach them, they will build their own schools and form their own research facilities.  You will not need to build for them, you will instead see them building for themselves, for their profits and by extension for the others among them before your very eyes.

They will exceed your highest expectations as long as you allow them to profit from their own endeavors, seek and keep their own rewards and interact freely with their fellows with the limited protection of whatever means of governance you [and they] choose to protect them from undue force or fraud.

Finally hold them ALL accountable for themselves and disallow them to petition you for largess and you will not see looters and leeches coming to join you.  If they do find parasites amongst them, let them wither – hold for those that refuse to achieve no mercy or compassion what-so-ever.  Praise the achiever and give him free reign, and all that which is under your control will prosper.


Scott Webster Wood

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