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I just love how liberals try to paint themselves as ‘compassionate’ while denouncing and ridiculing others in a demeaning fashion in the process of alleging them responsible for same. Mind you I am not a far right conservative either but find the hypocrisy on the left to be the most offensive and dare I say ‘scary’ when combined with the ‘actual’ world result of supporting their agenda. I hear comments like “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot” coming from Al Franken, or similar comments from any number of other pundits about their favorite conservative demon of the moment.

Well turnabout is fair play, and I was enjoying an episode of south park the other night when I got to thinking about how often Comedy Central likes to spam the ‘Daily Show’ in their program line up and just how much it’s host just repulses me with his pompous idea of funny.

stewart_rectJohn Stewart funny? Jon Stewart is a typical New York liberal. Most of his humor is wound up in far left ideology that doesn’t work in a practical world and is wound in an elitist condescension that is not merely insulting to anyone that might disagree with his world view, but is downright insidious when you try to mask under the banner of satire. But thus is Modus Operandi for the far left, insult anyone you want but then cry fowl whenever you can even insinuate a prejudicial view from anyone who opposes your alleged ‘good intentions’.

So I’d like to go on record with my own gut feeling of the moment as I saw that guy with his mocking smile trying to explain how it is ‘reckless’ to allow taxpayers to keep their own money and ‘responsible’ to give it to liberal politicians and government. Pure and simple…

Jon Stewart is an elitist prick

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