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South Moreland High SchoolFetal Matter Found In Westmoreland County School

Blood Discovered In Southmoreland High School Stairwell

SCOTTDALE, Pa. — The Westmoreland County coroner says that no criminal activity is suspected after the discovery of blood and fetal matter in a Southmoreland High School stairwell.
Police said a janitor first noticed blood in a restroom, with more drops leading to the stairwell where the fetal matter was found.

No, this is not one of my typical ‘mock’ news stories.  I found this initial news story that was released shortly after finding the material in the stairwell.

The story goes on to say that police were called and the Westmoreland Coroner brought in to examine the fetal remains.  Initial estimates by the coroner stated that “it appears to be about seven weeks old“.

They mention that an all out search was launched at the school to find what they presumed to be a student related to the discovery.  At least one telling of the story I heard on the radio mentioned that ‘Right to Life’ groups were considering demonstrations at the school to try to promote their values to the students.

There is a lesson in this

The reason, of course, that they went to such extremes so quickly and why the right to life groups were prepared to mobilize is not simply concern for the student.  Issues involving teen pregnancy and the abortion issue in general are highly emotional issues.

The emotions around these issues lead from the fact that the “Right to Life” movement believes that a mass of fetal tissue is what amounts to a viable human life and therefore should be afforded the same rights.  That to abort such a ‘viable’ life with a ‘soul’ is akin to murder, and not only a sin before God but should be not only forbidden under law but prosecuted as murder.

Of course, this was not from an abortion.  The story mentions that the police stated that “because the matter appears to be related to a miscarriage, police said no charges are expected.”   But still, based on their beliefs, the right-to-lifers were ready to march into an already sensitive situation and put on demonstrations for this ‘dead human life’ and this ‘lost soul’.

So why do I say there’s a lesson in there?  Read the follow-up story that came out the following day after the Coroner had a chance to examine the ‘remains’:

Found ‘fetus’ in Southmoreland High School veggie matter

ALVERTON, Pa — An analysis has determined that a suspected 7-week-old fetus discovered in a stairwell at Southmoreland High School was some sort of “vegetable matter and not human remains,” according to forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht of Pittsburgh.
Wecht said he couldn’t be sure of the exact origin of the material because that would require too many unnecessary tests.

“The important thing is that it is not human fetal tissue,” Wecht said.

This is not to say that under the circumstances the school was not well founded to contact authorities for a proper examination.  But the news stories, the controversy, the potential for ‘demonstrations’ – all based on speculation.  Speculation within a speculation!

Based on the belief of the Janitor in finding a small amount of what ‘appeared’ to be blood in a women’s restroom at the school (gee, is there anything that might cause an appearance of ‘blood’ in a women’s toilet?) and the discovery of what was then assumed to be fetal remains by the janitor, the school administrator contacts authorities.

The authorities, going on the assumptions of the janitor, collect the alleged remains and turn them over to the coroner. Based on the ongoing assumption and what amounts to a quick glance at the material, the coroner is then asked to make an estimate on what was found.  Nothing more than a precursory collection and a chain of assumptions has taken place and the Lifers are ready to march into a sensitive situation to offer their ‘support’.

Ya gotta love the ‘believers’!

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